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Little Daycare in the Suburbs, part 2

Little Daycare in the Suburbs, part 2

Welcome back! If you’re just joining us, check out the first part of Little Daycare in the Suburbs. And if you’ve found us from Intoxicated on Life, hi!!! Be sure to like us on Facebook so you can get updates on the three M&M’s and each new post that comes along! Oh, and leave a comment so I can “meet” you! Can’t wait! =)

So. Why is it so hard to leave triplets with a sitter? Glad you asked! Here’s why:

It is physically exhausting. Loading three babies into highchairs (12 times), out of them (12 times), onto a changing table (18 times), off of it (18 times), into cribs (9 times), out of them (9 times), into the stroller (3 times), out of it (3 times)…it is exhausting. (That’s a full-on workout!! And mine “only” weigh 22 lbs!) And of course they aren’t all happily watching you cart one kid around…oh no. It often sounds like a daycare class. I challenge anyone who isn’t rattled by crying babies to join a MoM one afternoon. =)

My former boss, Benny, watching the babies with his wife, Sheree.

My former boss, Benny, watching the babies with his wife, Sheree.

It is hard to discern the needs of one toddler, let alone three. Remember that language thing? Yeah, there are three different dialects going on and I oftenoftenoften times cannot remember who says what, or who uses which sign or word for which item.

It is a lot of diapers. One wake-time is six diapers…six. More if you forget you already changed that one. Less if you forget you haven’t changed that one all day. I did this. Last week.

It is necessary to be structured. I have one nursery and three babies. One up, all up. One down, all down. And of course the babies all cooperate with this. Right.

It is confusing. What do you do when one baby wakes and cries? Is another going to wake before she settles back down? If two or more wake, what do you do? These are just some of the questions David and I ask ourselves. Still. It often takes the both of us to settle two babies down.

It is expensive. I’ll be honest. And frank. Frank is good, right? Paying a sitter is a new thing for our skinny budget…paying two sitters is even more daunting.

It is…well, you get the picture, right? =)

Two arms...two babies!

Two arms…two babies!

Of course, the fact that I have breastfed the babies has made it doubly difficult to get out because our schedule is just naturally tight. You can see a typical schedule here – except the 4pm nursing and the 11pm nursing are no longer! Before this, though…my get-out-of-the-house opportunities were even more limited. But, lest you think I’m complaining about breastfeeding and its limitations…I am not. I have loved it. I recognize it is a very short season and am ok with those limitations. David has been incredibly patient with me and was happy to fit in date nights after the babies went to bed and before I needed to be back to feed them at 11pm. Since we dropped those feedings, though, it’s been amazing! Which leads me to:


Our friends - Joe & Kristen with their son, AJ!

Our friends – Joe & Kristen with their son, AJ!

Amazingly, we have been able to get out for date nights about 1-2 times a month for about a year! Granted, those date nights were usually just long enough for dinner and maybe an errand. But my parents have been heroes – coming over so often to play with the babies and then shoo us out the door after they were in bed. Other than them, our dear friends, Benny and Sheree, watched them for our second anniversary dinner (yes, you read that right – second). And some other dear friends, Joe and Kristen, kept the babies for a short afternoon and we came back to feed them before leaving again for a couple hours. Of course there was our first overnight getaway that my parents kicked us out for. In the past week or so, we’ve had two amazing teens from our church and then Katherine stay with the sleeping M&Ms (remember – she was a preschool teacher!!!).

Papa walking the grand-triplets.

Papa walking the grand-triplets.

Pretty much that’s it. Four non-grandparent sitters in 18 months. =) And that’s ok! There have been lots of things I’ve had to say no to over the past year and a half, but it means I’m saying yes to what is necessary for our situation. God has blessed us with three babies at once, and with them came unique challenges. But there is grace for these challenges. I definitely have to fight bad attitudes and a “need a break” mentality at times. But for the most part, He has orchestrated in my heart a love for the home and a desire to care for my babies during a season when few others can!

That being said, I’m currently in the process of working with some great girls who will hopefully, some day!, become the M&M’s babysitters! Won’t that be the day!! What should I do? Any suggestions? =)

MoMs, do you have any thoughts or suggestions? For those of you who are still pregnant with multiples, let me encourage you that there can truly be an incredible amount of grace for the massive work and unique challenges your babies will be. Few MoMs get to do what we do and it is a privilege! Amen?! =) Please let me know if you have not yet found an active community of other MoMs online and would like to join one. What a source of help we can be to one another!!!

Oh, and while you’re here…would you take a second and click the button below to vote for us? See, we’re in this contest competing with other blogging moms of multiples and would love your vote. And, if you reallyreally love us, you can vote once a day!


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Breastfeeding Triplets: A Battle of Love {Guest Post}


**The response to this post has been overwhelming! I truly hope it is helpful to others to hear the struggles and victories of a mama who is able to breastfeed – against many odds. Please take a moment and “like” us on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with the goings-on here at Growing Up Triplets! And leave a comment to say “hey!” =) **

Today I’m guest-posting over at Intoxicated on Life. Trisha is running a series on breastfeeding – the challenges, joy, obstacles, paraphernalia and stories of dozens of women and their children. And she asked me to join these women and share my journey. If you’ve been reading Growing Up Triplets long, you know sharing what God has done for me in this area is one of my biggest joys. So here’s a mini-bite:

There are times when mathematics simply don’t make sense. For instance, I remember crying and crying over short division in school. It didn’t make sense. And I had similar experiences over the past two years with three babies and two breasts. It just didn’t compute.

You see, I was told on April 26, 2011 that I was carrying triplets.

Immediately I began seeing my dreams of a drug-free, home birth evaporating. I saw many, many dollar signs floating before my eyes. I saw a plan unfolding for my life that I wanted no part of.

Well, as the news of spontaneous triplets sunk in, and my love for my three munchies grew to epic proportions, I began to research if some of those dreams might actually still be possible. There was very, very little research out there for higher-order multiples (HOMs). With the advent of fertility assistance, the numbers of triplets and HOMs has risen dramatically, but the research is still very minimal. Most books for multiples are written geared towards twins. But…I had three babies and only two boobs! Even my very logical brain couldn’t develop a plan for this!

The research I did find led me to believe it wasn’t likely I’d be able to nurse all three, but that switching two out every feeding would be more realistic. So I grabbed onto that: I can do that. Ha. Little did I know what awaited me.

[read more]

If you’re just finding us here at Growing Up Triplets, welcome!! It’s a pleasure to meet you! =) To stay connected with us and the munchies, be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our email feed (both on the sidebar to the right). And in the meantime, here are a few posts that you might find helpful in getting to know us a little bit better. Feel free to leave a comment, too, letting us know how you found us!


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If You Give a {Crunchy} Mom a Cupcake


If you’re finding us here at Growing Up Triplets via Pinterest or Facebook, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. The response to this post has already been overwhelming and I am so excited to meet you as a result. =) If you’d like to get to know us a bit more, click on the “About” page above. You can subscribe by email so each new post is delivered right to your Inbox and like us on Facebook – both are on the sidebar to the right!

I have a confession to make. I really like the label “crunchy.” I work uber hard at living life simply and naturally, while doing so as frugally as possible. It is not easy, but it is fun! (See my Baby Steps to Natural Living.) I don’t claim to do it all (or even much!) perfectly, either. But I have a really great time learning and implementing.

So I wear the label proudly…even as I grow into it.

God has given us so many gifts and resources and so often these gifts are incredibly muddled in quality by the time they make it to us. I love finding ways to get products in their natural state. But this does make me stick out like a sore thumb, sometimes. Which is ok. I’m good with that. And I can even laugh at myself.

So this is for all the mamas on the journey of living life more simply. This is a rendition of the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff. If you enjoy it or you can relate, share the love by liking it on Facebook or pinning it on Pinterest! Gee, thanks! =)

If You Give a {Crunchy} Mom a Cupcake

Author: Jennifer Fountain

If you give a crunchy mom a cupcake,
She’ll ask if it’s artificially flavored.
She’ll pour herself some raw milk to go with the bite of cupcake she gives in to.
Her three-year-old in the Ergo will spill the milk.
She’ll wipe it up with a 1:1 vinegar and water solution.
Wiping the counter, she’ll find a cloth diaper.
She’ll remember she has to start some diapers.
When she puts the diapers in the washer,
She’ll trip over the crate from the last produce delivery
and bump into one of the garage freezers.
Bumping into the freezer will remind her
she has to order meat for the year.
She needs to email the farm and pay for a cow.
She’ll look for her laptop.
(The crunchy mom’s window to a whole new world).
The laptop is on a shelf in the pantry, behind some canned goods.
She will see the container of kombucha, which is ready for the second fermentation.
She will look for her jars.
The jars are in the garage and now contain mini-gardens
being dumped out by her two-year-old, four-year-old, and five-year-old.
She’ll smell breastmilk poo.
She’ll change the two-year-old’s diaper…
and re-latch the three-year-old in the Ergo.
While she is breastfeeding him, the phone will ring.
Her four-year-old will answer,
tell the pest control service they aren’t needed anymore, and hang up.
She’ll remember she wants to phone a friend for a playdate to the local farm.
Thinking of the farm will remind her
that she was going to have some milk.
And chances are…if she has a cup of milk,
Her kids will have eaten the cupcake that went with it…
bouncing off the walls from the red & yellow dyes.

True, is it not? =)

photo credit: dixieroadrash via photopin cc


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18 Month Update

Ohmygoodness. It’s just sososo hard to believe that my babies are 18 months old! The time has flowwwwwwn by; they’ve changed so much…and in just 18 months! From 3lbs 12 oz to 22 pounders, my little M&Ms have transformed seemingly overnight.

Getting ready to show Dr. Rich how tall we are!

Getting ready to show Dr. Rich how tall we are!

Friday we had our 18 month well-visit (I really only make these because I like hearing “good job, mama” every once in a while from a professional…there’s my confession =). Each one is right on track for children their age born full-term! This is just amazing to us and we never cease to be amazed that God has brought them so far. They spent the first 7 weeks of their life growing outside of the womb-home they were “supposed” to be still living in. This spells challenges for so many preemies!

The nurses are in love with them and pop out of offices and lean over desks to watch us “herd the cats” down the hallways. I think it usually only takes one nurse to take care of a family, but usually we have several offering to help the nurse and hanging around so they can watch them. It’s really cute. =) We love our pediatrician’s office (they are very comfortable with a non-vax/delayed-vax schedule and never push anything on us! Oh, and did I mention we NEVER have to wait?!?!). And Dr. Rich loves these babies. They are so patient while he’s “looking for Nemo” in their ears or nose and squishing bellies. =)


Mommy's little models <3

Mommy’s little models ❤

Baby Girl is in the 32% for girls her age and is in the 6% for her height (heehee, my little shorty…I don’t know where her next growth spurt is!). She is our comic relief, super silly and funny. The faces she makes and the ways she mimics us just keep us laughing! One of her favorite things to do for a laugh is to walk around with her arms out and her eyes scrunched…she really tries to walk with her eyes closed and of course bumps into something and falls down.

She’s very dramatic (I have no idea where she comes by this!) and is keeping us on our toes with helping her to learn and choose other ways to respond when frustrated, hurt or angry.

Makenna says and signs about 50 words/phrases (the usual is 10-20 at 18 months!!). She never stops talking and is usually conversing with a sibling, something out the window or a block. Her poor husband. =) One of her new favorite words is saying “more.” She’s signed it for forever but loves being able to say it. So everything is “mo.” And “help.” She needs help for everything. Even when it’s a sibling asking for the help.


Little monster is in the 23% for boys his age and in the 26% for his height (thanks, dada!). He continues to be our little flirt and loves showing off his belly button. Someday that will be a no, but right now it’s sooooo cute. =) He is super clumsy and is always tripping on those long legs of his. He doesn’t look where he’s going and just crashes! He loves sitting on the little firetruck and saying “bye-bye” to me before he heads off to…the dining room. Noah is also our little head-banger and frequently uses the wall as a drum and his bald head as the drumstick. Then the girls join him. When the pictures come crashing off the walls he’s usually scared stiff and screaming. Which reminds me…I need to go de-picture the rest of the room!

Our fave place to sit...or stand!

Our fave place to sit…or stand!

Noah loves bouncy balls with a passion. In fact, when we were at the ped’s on Friday he was getting into everything. I put him on my lap and asked where the ball was. I got about 8 seconds of him quietly and intently searching for the non-existent ball. Hey, I’ll take it!!!

He also loves blocks and apples (not necessarily in that order). As soon as he sees someone on the ottoman, he immediately asks for “hut” (help) to get up on it. Watching them all take turns standing and looking expectantly at me for my stern instruction for them to “sit down on your bottom!” is hilarious…if you’re not me. =)


Our sweet girl is 47% for weight and 56% for height! She’s the biggest – towering 2″ over Makenna and has a solid pound on her!!! She’s a shoe size bigger than Makenna and a pant size bigger, too! When I found out I had two girls, I never thought I’d be buying two different sizes for them! Crazy, huh?! She’s not letting Makenna get the win for silliness, though! She laughs so hard at what the other two do – banging their heads or tickling a sibling’s tummy….the belly-laugh, face-red kind of laughing.

Cruzin in the RadioFlyer with our shadez on!

Cruzin in the RadioFlyer with our shadez on!

Emma is still our snuggle bug. It’s amazing how much this girl loves naps and comfort. She loves a tag on just about anything and will hold onto it and suck her little fingers… Eventually we’ll work on that. Just not yet. Because I can’t. When it’s time for bedtime, she runs past us and towards the nursery as we try to herd the other two on – I’ve never seen a baby this excited for sleep! =)

She almost had us convinced that moose and bears say “ow-ow-owwwwww” like wolves do. They have stuffed animals (one of each of these) and she decided they all said the same thing. I’ve finally taught her what a bear says…but moose? Anybody got any ideas?!

In the middle of nursing, she stops to kiss me…about five times! After the kiss she has to tell me something super important. It’s actually really fascinating because I can see the wheels turning in her head as she moves her mouth, jaw, tongue and face to get the sounds out! So we have a little convo and then she remembers she’s hungry and starts nursing again! I think I’ll remember these times for the rest of my life. ❤


This is always one of the most popular questions. “Are you still breastfeeding?” Why, yes, yes I am! I couldn’t believe I made it to the milestone of one year and now I’m thrilled to have been able to breastfeed for 18 months! I lovelovelove our current routine and they do, as well. Breastfeeding is incredibly good for the babies, even at this age, so I have no particular end date in sight. It is still time-consuming and truly a sacrifice…but what isn’t about motherhood? And eventually they will decide they are “ah-on” (all done) for good. But until that day, we’ll keep going.

Honestly, I poured so much effort, sweat, blood, tears and time into teaching three 3 month olds how to breastfeed and get my body to make enough milk that I really cannot even comprehend stopping now when it’s so easy!!! Oh, and it’s incredible for shredding pounds! Jillian Michaels ain’t got nuthin’ on nursing toddlers! More on that later, though…

Potty-training and Eating

Nope. No potty-training yet. But those girls sure know what they’re doing in those diapers! Noah – I have no expectations for him. I figure he’s all boy and I’ve heard it will be quite some time. However, all three do have a “poopin’ spot!” And we still change between 16-20 diapers a day. I wish there was a diaper changing Guinness Book of World Records contest because, dude: we could throw down some diapers! My hubby still continues to be a champion and changes a multitude of them!

Eating. Just typing that makes my heart quiver. These children might eat my leg if I salted it. Ok, not really. But they eat a lot. A typical breakfast is three eggs and four or five bananas – split three ways. Dinner is usually a breast of chicken, two cups of green beans and a half an apple – split three ways. Thrown in there is also lunch of equally epic proportions and a snack…as well as nursing!! Mamas of HOMs reading this, plan for your grocery budget to nearly double by the time they’re eating solids a few times a day….I won’t scare you with where it’s at now, though. Just concentrate on keeping those babies in one more day…thaaaat’s it! ::breathe::

Challenges and Loves

My current challenge is discipline for three toddlers. With three same-aged toddlers all picking up one or another’s behavior, we go from baby to the next with correction. When we complete the circle, the first is often at it again. Consistency is tough at any time in parenting, but when their short memories see another sibling doing something that looks fun? :sigh: Oh, and a constant biter. How do I keep the other two away from the biter? I can’t. How do I tell them to not do this or that because it provokes? I can’t. How do I remove them from the situation (i.e. children’s ministry)? I can’t – their same-age sibs are always there. So I’m trying to learn to recognize the “pre-bite” sounds. I always know if I’m too late by a gasp, a pause, and a high-pitched scream…from the bitten. :double…no, make that a triple sigh: Yes, yes, yes they won’t go to college biting, I know. But in the meantime, babies have bruises and teethmarks. Sooooo sad.

In my good days, the challenges are merely challenges. In my bad days…they’re impossibilities. And they seem to gang up on me for those days. (Doesn’t it always seem this way?!?!) I mean, motherhood is supposed to be hard work. Most moms say it’s the hardest job they’ve ever done. And I’m ok with it being hard. Really! I love a good challenge. What I don’t love is the “defeatest” feeling that creeps in after one-too-many challenges gone awry. But I am learning to recognize that this is often due to my “goals being blocked” as my hubby would say. And then that problem is more easily fixed – my goals need to be adjusted. So yesterday was a get-nothing-done-day but instead an intervene-and-comfort-when-too-late-and-just-get-food-ready-and-diapers-changed kind of day. No projects done. No cleaning. No task list taken care of. But that’s life and my life with three babies right now. And I love it. And most importantly, my hubby is grateful I’m caring for them and, I believe, God is honored by my tossing task lists out the window in order to care for my babies. So, I’m off – off to play puppies and crawl through tunnels and keep dinner from burning and biters from biting! =)


What do you do when you get overwhelmed with the demands of kiddos?


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Ahhh, those newborn days…x 3!!!

Emma, Makenna, Noah

Emma, Makenna, Noah

Each Friday during April, I’ll be sharing some aspect of life with multiples. In addition to some fun stuff, I’m also working on a couple of interviews with people I think you’ll enjoy hearing from. I hope you’ll join us!

If you’ve ever had a newborn baby, you know that there is no other sleep exhaustion quite like that of the first days, weeks and months (sometimes years!) of your baby’s life. Add in two more newborn babies, and life gets CRAZY. Like many moms, mine planned to stay with us when we brought the babies home from the hospital…little did we realize that it would take her, me and David to just care for the babies! Clean the house? Nope. Fix meals? Nope. Nap? Ha!

Night-time feedings were especially chaotic! The babies came home eating every three hours or so. Can you imagine what it is like to have one waken early? And then the challenge to get three settled back down so you can then go pump? Much about that time is just a hazy fog, but I do remember my heart sinking when one baby would wake before my alarm was set to go off at 1a and the challenge of trying to get the last of the three back down at 2 or 2:30a so I could pump and sleep before the 4a feeding. We racked up about 4 hours of sleep (each!) during those first couple of months…on a good night. This makes for a few very, very tired individuals. (You can read more about how we survived those months here.) And being super sleep-deprived makes for some very funny moments – some that were really big mistakes at the time (thanks to my triplet-mommy friends for their help in compiling this list!). Moments like:

  • Forgot to put a diaper on one of the girls – just buttoned her onesie and went on about things.
  • My husband would put the boys in the wrong bed at times which really confused me in the mornings.
  • I once added formula to my morning coffee.
  • Accidentally tried to give them leftover sweetened condensed milk instead of formula (from the can).
  • Washed the portable phone in the dishwasher…twice!
  • Almost brushed their teeth with diaper ointment.
  • Forgot to hook bottles up to the breast pump and pumped about 20 oz all over my lap before I realized why I was soaking wet.
  • My daughter made a bottle with French vanilla creamer instead of formula….on accident!
  • Forgot to refill the litter box with litter…poor cat pooped on the bathroom rug!
  • First time I went to the grocery store, I drove all the way home with the cart of groceries still sitting on the sidewalk.
  • So used to shushing a baby that I shushed a spoonful of my soup instead of blowing on it. (mine!)
  • Put my two year old’s size 4 diaper on my 9 pound baby and didn’t notice till the next time she was changed…oops!
  • Loading up 5 kids in the minivan and driving home, leaving the Runabout (a very large and expensive triple stroller) sitting right next to the parking lot after daycare.
  • The first time I took all three back to the doctor, I forgot to take a diaper bag. Didn’t realize it until after we took their diapers off and didn’t have any to put back on. We were out all day seeing specialists, so good thing Babies R Us was close by! Good news? I did bring a cooler with breastmilk!
  • Changed a baby and forgot to put a diaper back on! Walked away and came back 10 minutes later…oops!
  • Husband and I were taking turns feeding in the middle of the night – he had the last shift and I went to get the babies up. I saw he put my daughter’s sleeper on my son. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t figure out if he had the wrong baby in the wrong crib or just dressed wrong. He also wore two different shoes for an appointment that same week!
  • I hung up the phone in the microwave and nearly turned the microwave on.
  • I had a bad habit of trying to double-diaper…kept forgetting the very important step of removing the dirty/wet diaper!
  • Found the keys in the fridge, cell phone in the diaper stacker…
  • Forgot I was sanitizing bottle nipples on the stove…$40 worth, melted! TWICE!
  • Wore two different colored shoes to work one day and I had a big meeting!
  • I melted a breast pump.
  • In the middle of the night I grabbed a teddy bear off the couch and took him to have his diaper changed. Didn’t realize until I got all the way downstairs and our night nanny asked what I was doing.
  • Forgot to put a diaper on my son…of course he peed everywhere.
  • Came home from a grocery shopping trip. Parked the van in my driveway and walked in the house with the babies, leaving all the groceries in the car. Didn’t realize until about 5 hours later when I went to make dinner…
  • Put coffee in a bottle…but never ended up giving it to the babies, thank goodness!!!
  • We use the “ssshhhh” technique to soothe them and one night I woke up “ssshhhing” and patting the
    Somebody was always awake...

    Somebody was always awake…

    dog’s back thinking I was calming a baby. The dog seemed quite happy with my mistake.

  • When I was still pumping and getting only about 1.5 hours of sleep at a time, my alarm went off for the 3am feeding. I was frantically pushing buttons to make it stop, to no avail. It took me a good minute to realize the buttons I was pushing belonged to the bedside breast pump.
  • Walked into a sliding glass door. And put the phone in the fridge and when it rang, I went to the fridge and answered it, like that was just a normal activity.

Happy Friday! And hug your multiple-mommy-with-newborns friends – remind them they’re doing a great job! =) The end.

Pssst! Have you “liked” us on Facebook yet? What?! Hurry – it’s on the right sidebar…got it? Yay! Now you’ll be able to stay up to date with all the new posts and goings-on in the Fountain Circus!


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Another First – Staying with Papa and Yaya

David and I haven’t been away from the babies in 539 days…or since they were born. (We did take a very short overnight, two weeks after they were born and still in the NICU for a quick breather. But I was hooked up to my friend, the Pump, every two hours so you can imagine how crazy that was!) I haven’t been away from them for more than four hours. Ever. I have been entangled by three babies 24/7 for 18 months solid. Because of our breastfeeding schedule (which I l.o.v.e.), nobody has taken one or two and left me with “the baby.” I’ve eaten, slept, dreamed and breathed baby x 3 for the past year and a half. And I have loved it. Of course there are times I’ve been touched out (every day!) and times I thought I would go crazy (or am I already?!). But for the most part, I have loved every minute of it. I had no idea I would love it this much. But everyone needs a break every now and then. The stress of having three babies with massive wants and needs is exhausting. Keeping up with them, breastfeeding them, changing 18 diapers a day, putting three babies in and out of cribs and high chairs and car seats and strollers is a serious workout every day (I might suggest it to Bob and Jill on The Biggest Loser!).

And the work never stops when they sleep. I joke that I traded in my full-time job at the office for a full-time and part-time job at home…which any mother can probably attest to. But somewhere in there fits my husband. My amazing husband. My husband who has given up all hobbies. My husband who sadly watches the weeds take over our yard and joyfully changes another diaper instead. My husband who empties the dishwasher so I can throw another massive load of laundry in. My husband who has been every bit as important in this breastfeeding journey as the babies themselves. My husband who tirelessly serves because I cannot do this alone. My husband who prays on his drive home that the Lord will help him serve his family. This man. I love him. So it was time to work out some time away for our anniversary. Yes, yes. This fabulous event was February 5. (Three years and three babies. I promise they’re all legit.) But part of the challenge was how to get away since we are still breastfeeding. I’ve had many suggest to me that I would be fine for an overnight. And I probably would. But then, my body is producing milk for three babies, not just one, so the ramifications of this might be very un-pretty and potentially final for our babies’ love of milk. (To give you an idea, collectively they drink less than 18 ounces from a sippy cup a day. A toddler supposedly drinks about 32 oz a day. This means that skipping just one breastfeeding could have backed me up with a good 24 oz, caused mastitis, tanked my supply, etc. A little different than skipping a feeding with one baby. =) So after I worked out the logistics of how to make it happen, we scheduled it for a weekend in early March.

But it was not to be. My mom got sick, the babies got sick (with their first ear infections – which I got rid of naturally!!!) and then my mom pulled a muscle which means no holding babies. After a week of non-stop fussing and crying and whining and clinging from three sick babies, you better believe I was ready for that weekend!!

So we reschedule for the next weekend! Only….my mom got called in for jury duty. No biggie, who really gets picked for jury duty??? My mom. And of course it wasn’t a simple traffic violation. Oh no, it was a murder trial. A week long murder trial. (If any of the family for the defendant is reading this, her vote didn’t even count. She ended up being an alternate. Boo.)

Let’s try for the next weekend, shall we? We shall. Leading up to the first “try” I was counting down the days on Growing Up Triplets’ Facebook page (have you “liked” us yet??). At this point, I wasn’t allowing myself to believe it might actually happen. But it did happen! I was so excited to finally get away and take a nap spend time with my hubby!

The plan was for me to nurse the babies after their morning nap and head out. Of course getting away by yourselves still takes massive efforts when babies are around, even when said babies aren’t going! So it was after 1pm by the time we left. We headed down to the Grand Bohemian (David had racked up some serious rewards points so we cashed in). We checked in and took a nap. No lie. And it’s also no lie that I heard Noah crying during that time. All the way in our downtown hotel. He’s that loud. (Not really.) We woke up (sadly) and headed to the mall (aw, thanks, Love!) and did some window-shopping (who are we kidding, we have kids – not money!). And then headed home. Wait…what?!?! Yup. We were staying close by so that we could go home and I could nurse the babies before bedtime. I wasn’t up for dealing with skipping breastfeeding for 24 hours but I was up for skipping one feeding – in the morning. I was also concerned with how they would do without that calming time with mama before bed. If one gets set off, more than likely both of the others would join in. Ever heard three screaming babies? It’s a massive undertaking for David and I to get them settled down if they decide they want to do this (three babies, two parents) and can take a really long time (and I can nurse them!). We can get two settled down but the third is still out of control. Lay the two back down and rush to get the third and…nope. The other two start up again. (Are you seeing my hesitation in leaving them yet?)

I nursed and was out of there in 45 minutes. (Mama ain’t messin’ around!) We headed to dinner which was super yummy!! (I’m not sure which I was more excited about: 24 hours of meals I didn’t cook, a nap and sleeping in, or all that time to myself with David – not shared with a little booger…or 3.) We took dessert back to the room and watched all the shows we don’t get at home since we don’t have cable (how boring are we?!).

The next morning we slept in. We.Slept.In. I never knew that 8am was considered sleeping in, but it is!!! And it was wonderful. We got breakfast and watched more tv and checked out. I was so refreshed and relaxed and that was exactly what I was hoping for! Because when we got home, it was chaos, of course.

I remember when I was single and my bestie, Kristen, and I would go away for a study retreat or something. Upon our return, I would watch her three blondies come running with excited shouts of “mommy!” And I thought how sweet. I want that. And then moments later, reality set in as life inevitably swept her back into her role as fight-breaker-upper, bottom-wiper, meal-maker, and spill-cleaner. (Kristen, my respect for you was massively greater in those moments – did I ever tell you that???) So I was preparing my heart. Praying and asking the Lord to help me to love the little munchies who were “intruding” upon my 22 hours of R&R. And He did. I happily left them with my parents and didn’t miss them hardly at all…but was eager for them when we returned. I love it! And wow, what great reports we got! There’s benefits to needing two people to care for them as this means they got nearly one-on-one attention the whole time! Mom and Dad, thank you! We are so grateful! And David, it wasn’t Mexico but it was wonderful. I love you more every day.

And, just for fun, please enjoy the debut music video of the Sweet Pea Band:

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Doing “Normal”

Doing “Normal”

Yesterday I felt the most “normal” I’ve felt in a long time. Having three babies oftentimes limits me in so many ways. Breastfeeding three babies oftentimes limits me in so many ways. I love having three babies. And I love breastfeeding them. By nature of these things, though, we simply don’t do a whole lot. Oh, we get out of the house. I am asked that all the time – and we really do. David and I enjoy running errands with the babies and doing things on Saturdays. And of course we make every effort to get to church on Sundays. But fun things? Things that many parents can do on a whim or by themselves? Things like the park? …not so easy.

But in the last few weeks I have dropped our late afternoon breastfeeding which allows us lots more flexibility! Yesterday was a sweet reward for me from all the hard work of dropping this feeding and dealing with babies who weren’t super excited about this change. My mom’s side of the family had a little birthday celebration at a park in Mt. Dora (45 minutes away!!!). So I nursed the babies after their morning nap (yes, you, too can have sleeping babies at 17mo =) and we hopped in the car. When we arrived we fed them their lunch – I am in love with the reusable snack bags from Bumkins! bagsOf course, all the family who had never met them were stealing them away from each other. Once the babies warmed up and got their silly on, they enjoyed flirting and sharing half-eaten apples and smooshed peas…mmm!

After they ate, we played. Yes, played. We had my sister and her boyfriend, my brother, my mom, my dad and of course David and me corralling and watching and taking pictures and pulling leaves out of their mouths…if only I could have this size entourage every day, we could do anything!!! We went on the swings and walked on the dock and chased them and blew bubbles and sat at baby picnic tables and had a really fun day. The babies did superb, as well. They do best missing a nap when they’re super distracted (ride home? not so much). And they were so distracted. Everybody wanted to hold them and play with them – I often found myself with no baby and just continually looking around and counting, “1, 2, 3.” :sigh: Soooooo fun. And the best part? We were flexible. When you’re fitting hour-long breastfeeding meals in throughout the day, you lose sososo much flexibility. Trust me. You just do. And when you eliminate one of those, the afternoon just opens up and becomes a world of possibilities…well, as much as possible with three 17 month olds. =) (For those of you wondering if I have weaned, I have not. I am now in love with our current breastfeeding plan of three times a day…each. I have no end date in mind and this is the type of plan I have been eagerly working towards – all those grueling months of worrying over weights and sitting for hours at a time has now turned into this leisurely time with each of my babies a few times throughout the day. It is a glorious payback. Glorious.)

Besides the constant questions and stares they get from people anytime we go out, I think the babies are most used to having pictures taken. It’s as normal as having a diaper change. =) So, of course, here are some that I snapped:

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