Baby Schedules

Hi MoMs!

I spent tons and tons of time researching various schedules for bringing babies home. I wasn’t sure whether to buy one of the resources out there and what exactly I would want on it. So, I created my own. I combined the information from a great book (When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads) and one of the little schedule books you can purchase. This way, I was able to figure out what was important to me and even adjust as the weeks went on. I kept three clipboards on the coffee table in our Living Room, which is where we spent ALL our days and nights. After any feeding/changing/etc of any baby, we just jotted down what we did. And that was it!

One of the things that was important to me was to be able to see a lot of information for each baby at once. Many of the resources only show you the information for each day, per baby. But I wanted to be able to see when the last time Baby A had a poopy without having to flip back several pages. So, I’ve included a link for each of the schedules below. The “week 1” schedule you may or may not need depending on how much (if any!) time your babies spend in the NICU. But it has space to track information pertinent to newborn babies. As they change and grow, so did the information on each schedule (albeit slightly). We brought our babies home at 4 weeks, so that’s when we started tracking. I printed off several sheets at a time for each baby and kept them in the clipboard. If I ever had a question for a week (etc) earlier, it was right there. And I could grab the current page for each and take to the ped!

Now, I tracked for a very.long.time. It just helped me. A lot. I just think that way. Some mamas track till a year, others never even track at all! But at about 7 months, I found a great iPhone app called “Total Baby.” I began tracking my pumping schedule there AND everything about all the babies’ info there (including their milestones!). It became much handier as the babies became more mobile and I wasn’t always in the Living Room with the clipboards.

So, take a look and feel free to edit and adjust to fit your family, your needs! Let me know if you have any questions!!

Schedule, Week 1

Schedule, Weeks 2-4

Schedule, Weeks 5-12


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