Freebies for MoMs

Hey MoMs!

When I was preparing to send off for any freebies these companies would mail us, I scoured the internet for company info and what families had received. I joked with my hubby this was one of the ways I was seeking to be a “Proverbs 31 woman.” =) However, most of the information I found was years old so a bunch of the contact info was inaccurate. And, as I found out, many of the companies that gave great items before had dissolved their multiples program. (I decided this was incredibly lame as we are still shelling out tons of money for their products and it can’t be any “skin off their nose” to send us a few items!) At the very least, most weren’t doing anything for multiples unless they were triplets or higher orders (1 in 30 babies is a twin, I read recently in Parent mag…that might account for the change in policy. Ha!).

Anyways, I also decided to look at the items still on my Baby Registry and contact those companies to see if they would do anything. A few sent INCREDIBLE gifts! I would encourage you to do the same with your registry. And when you’re determining which companies are important to you to contact, go ahead and contact the sub-companies in addition to the parent companies. You most likely will receive something from both, as you will see on my list.

The method to my madness: I made a list of all the places I wanted to mail to and a list of the places I didn’t think needed a mail-out (but a phone call or an email from their website, instead). Then I made about four dozen copies of each birth certificate and printed off the same numbers of the sample letter. Yes. That was a lot of paper. I had a volunteer help me with folding each one – great naptime task! =) I wrote addresses on all the envelopes from my handy-dandy list. Then I stuffed, stamped, return-address-labeled and sealed. And, yes, it was a lot of work. I did much of this while pumping. And here and there during naptimes. I did put it off for a very.very.very. long time. They went out right after the babies’ six month birthday!! (I was determined to write the last “thank-you” letter before sending off for freebies, haha!) I soon began receiving packages and envelopes in the mail. Let me tell you – the work has been WORTH IT! I can’t tell you how fun it is to get the mail now! The UPS guy has probably tired of seeing my house – but it is ohsofun!! I estimate I spent about $30 on stamps and paper and have, so far, received a value of probably $700 in products and coupons! Yeah. That’s worth it to me. =) Obviously this is a dent in what you’ll spend on the first year of clothes, food, equipment, etc. But I think it’s kinda like birth – you soon forget all the work when you see the end results. Ok, maybe that’s not a good analogy…

Finally, don’t ever forget to ask if a company gives a multiples discount when you’re ordering three or more of any item. (I was able to get our Pottery Barn bedding as cheap as Target’s bedding with a discount and a holiday sale!)

I am still receiving items so I will update these lists soon! I’ve yet to hear back from companies like Medela, Oxo, Avent, Genetree, Sassy, Walmart, Seventh Generation, Summer Infant, Ringling Bros Circus, Playtex, Leap Frog, Learning Curve. Please feel free to leave comments with your updates, too!!!

Freebie Form Letter

Freebies, Freebies, Freebies

Happy Treasure Huntin’! =)

Jennifer F.

****Update: September 5, 2012**** I just received a ticket for each of the babies to the Circus! They never expire, though I believe you have to request them within the babies’ first year. Woot, woot!


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