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What if Lord Grantham were on Fb?

imagesOk, so for all of you who watch Downton Abbey, this one’s for you: Downton Abbey Facebook Recap. I’ll give you a moment to read it…


Ok, isn’t it so true? I actually watched this season early and have been laughing at everyone’s Facebook statuses each week. But the joke was on me because I didn’t know there was also a Christmas Special and, well, let’s just say my chat with a friend spoiled it for me. :sigh: (What a season, huh???)

I never really liked this time period. It seemed so un-romantic and un-fun. But after this season, I think I’m going to buy me some castle across the pond! Who’s your favorite character? I think Lady Grantham makes me laugh the most – her accent and facial expressions are worth the whole show. =)

Happy Friday, y’all!

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