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The Back Porch

David and I let the M&Ms play on the back porch and eat their snack and I brought my camera. This is the result:


Fighting for food frenzy.


:rosy lips:


:juicy fruit:


:getting sticky, getting dirty:


Dada is sooooooo cool!


Love those wispies! ❤


Sweet Girl in a whine-y moment.


Baby Girl! So silly!


Noah was determined to keep a grip on his snack while trying to get into the swing by himself.


Letting brother push her on the swing.


Snuggles with Dada.


Very dirty feet.


Lots of very dirty feet!


Makenna was being especially photogenic. =)

Happy Friday! =)


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Mother’s Day Is…

Mother’s Day Is…

Like you, I was hit by a tsunami of “I love my mother” posts on all the social media sites. It was precious seeing everyone’s baby pictures, all of the “you’re the best mother in the world” declarations, etc. And I loved seeing all the women honored – women who have sacrificed bodies, careers and unending hours of time to produce and care for and love their children.

However, I found myself tossed by different emotions and thoughts. It seems to me that Mother’s Day is actually very similar to every other day before it and after it! (Bear with me here – I have only celebrated a few Mother’s Days, ok? I’m new at this. =) I mean, right? Would you agree that Mother’s Day is:

Breakfast with my three fave M&Ms ever!

Breakfast with my three fave M&Ms ever!

wiping snotty noses.
taking a nap.
picking up sticky, spilling sippy cups out of a puddle of milk on the floor.
having lunch made for you.
breaking up a fight…again.
waking sleepy children from naptime.
giving consequences for disobedience.
getting snuggles.
planning meals for the day.
a sweet card.
midnight-waking babies.
a frozen ice-cream yumminess treat.
changing diapers.
a day to worship with others.
a day to need grace, patience and mercy.
a reminder of blessings.

Mother’s Day isn’t just the pictures of flowers and coffee-retreats, the esteeming and adoring posts or the happy children racing to do our every beck and call. No, Mother’s Day is oftentimes just like any other day: a day to cherish the good, the bad and the ugly. A day to fulfill the calling given us by the One Who helps us each step of the way. A day to appropriate the much-needed grace and to enjoy the tidbits of a break or the sloppy kisses at the encouragement of a husband.

Mother’s Day is over. Until next year. But every day in between I have the opportunity to be encouraged, honored and loved. In a million different ways, if I’ll look for them.

Ohmysoul, I love their sticky, cranky, smiley, giggling faces!

Ohmysoul, I love their sticky, cranky, smiley, giggling faces!

My sweet girl!

My sweet girl!

Baby Girl can whistle. Oh, yes she can!

Baby Girl can whistle. Oh, yes she can!

The babies began passing out the cards to the mommies.

The babies began passing out the cards to the mommies.

Baby Girl took her job very seriously. =)

Baby Girl took her job very seriously. =)

Apparently Noah is confused...

Apparently Noah is confused…

Who knows? =)

Who knows? =)

Oh, how I love the three who made me a mommy!

Oh, how I love the three who made me a mommy!

How do you see your children honoring you on this Ordinary Day?


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Babe In A Mug

Recently my hubby said he was surprised I hadn’t picked up on the “baby in a mug” craze going around. I said, “what’s baby in a mug?” He was even more surprised to learn I hadn’t seen this yet. So he told me to Google it. I did. And ohmygoodness, sooooo cute and so fun! So, of course I had to do it. Heehee! And why stop with one baby? Let’s get TRIPLETS in a mug!!! So, without further ado, here is our snapshot of #babeinamug:

Triplet Mugging

This was obviously a very large mug. Kidding. It’s actually the mug we got from our honeymoon. :sigh: Now I need to go reheat my babies…er, coffee!

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Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

I’ve always loved Easter and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love remembering His incredible sacrifice for us on Good Friday, and His triumph over the grave three days later. I grew up knowing it was a celebration of “more than just fun baskets.” My parents did a wonderful job teaching us the true meaning of Easter. And I am so grateful.But we also had lots of fun with Easter! I can’t tell you how many times we found “lost” Easter eggs in the backyard…months afterwards. Or how many bunnies or birds we got at the end of a treasure hunt over the years. Or the Easter cakes and crafts we made. Or how many times we’ve gone through the Easter eggs that tell the Resurrection story. Or how many choirs I’ve sung in and productions I’ve directed at church.

And now I have children. I love thinking of ways to make it “more than just fun baskets.” Of course right now they’re too young to understand any of this, I know. But this morning, when Makenna was mimicking Mama and Dada in “praising Jesus” during worship, I wondered if maybe they weren’t too young to understand after all! In little munchie-sized pieces… Maybe singing The Gospel Song ( < a MUST watch!) every night before bed, instead of a lullaby, isn’t hokey but starting to keep the Truth before them…especially now that they try to “sing” along. As a parent, I can’t imagine my sweet babies ever growing up to curse at me, shake their fist at me and storm out of the house. But they may. I want to teach them that Jesus came to earth to take their punishment for their sins so that they could live with Him forever – that this life, with its momentary trials, is our temporary home. And that Easter is much more than Easter baskets. Much, much more…

But we still enjoyed the silly, fun and fellowship-y side of Easter this weekend. Because our God is a God of laughter and joy and loves seeing His children enjoying His gifts. So we went up to our church on Saturday morning to see what this Easter Egg Hunt was all about. (Maybe next year I’ll let them join the hordes of kiddos looking for eggs. This year they would’ve gotten trampled! =) And then after church today, we met up with the fam at my parents’ house. It was the first holiday I’ve gotten to enjoy since the Easter I was pregnant!!! Every other holiday we have been up to our eyeballs with babies x 3 (the babies’ first Easter: recap here). Now we have toddlers. Toddlers…toddlers. (I don’t like that word. Boo.) Don’t get me wrong, it was still crazy! Besides carrying in three babies, we carried in a van-load of paraphernalia for the afternoon. And it’s a lot of work. Borrow three toddlers for an afternoon – I have several other friends who’d love to take advantage of this! (Jenn, Christy, Andrea? =) But today was like that first Christmas where the kid enjoys opening presents. We had soooo much fun!!! And I think they did, too. But wow…they were so exhausted!

What did your family do to celebrate today the resurrection of Jesus Christ – 2000 years ago?

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Ohhh, I LoveLoveLove The HairBow Company


I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked where I get the girls’ cute tutus and all their pretty hair bows! The answer? The HairBow Company. I am a sucker for having my girls match but finding and buying two outfits that do is often incredibly difficult. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get cute hair bows and headbands, too! The HairBow Company sells many of their items in bulk and offers a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge variety of items (leg warmers, flower clips, hats, marabou, rompers, ribbons, etc.). When I came across their website, I realized they were selling those adorable crochet headbands for about $0.33 apiece! So I may have bought a couple…dozen. And when I saw the tutus, I came up with the “grow with me” picture idea that I did for their first year. If you haven’t seen those pics yet, you can check them out here: Say “Cheese!”, part 2. Oh, and their first birthday shoot is full of tutus and lace, as well: A Frog Prince and Two Princesses.

Well, fast-forward a year and they came across my blog. They asked if I would do a review of their products. I had to think about it for all of 3 seconds!!! They also have provided a discount code for you to go shopping with and save 10%!!! Just enter the code “triplets” at check-out to save even more money…but hurry, the deal ends April 5, 2013!!!

So, now, where are these pictures you say? I’m so glad you asked! My dear friend Sheree Phillips at Sheree Rae Photography captured these shots. I was incredibly impressed. If you have ever had an almost-18-month-old, you’ll know how challenging it is to get one good picture. Imagine trying to corral three almost-18-month-olds and it’s next to impossible. Seriously. I was sweating. And needed a good drink. And was beyond exhausted dancing and waving and baby-talking and running outfit changes and carrying babies through our tall, unmowed grass, etc. And yet…she got so many great ones I had the hardest time figuring out which ones to post!!! You’ll just have to look at lots and lots, I guess…you tell me which ones you’d pick!

And my favorite:

Cute, cute accessories for girls! #couponcode, #hairbows, #photography

So…what cute stuff did ya get at The HairBow Company with the coupon code “triplets?” I wanna see, I wanna see!!!


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Doing “Normal”

Doing “Normal”

Yesterday I felt the most “normal” I’ve felt in a long time. Having three babies oftentimes limits me in so many ways. Breastfeeding three babies oftentimes limits me in so many ways. I love having three babies. And I love breastfeeding them. By nature of these things, though, we simply don’t do a whole lot. Oh, we get out of the house. I am asked that all the time – and we really do. David and I enjoy running errands with the babies and doing things on Saturdays. And of course we make every effort to get to church on Sundays. But fun things? Things that many parents can do on a whim or by themselves? Things like the park? …not so easy.

But in the last few weeks I have dropped our late afternoon breastfeeding which allows us lots more flexibility! Yesterday was a sweet reward for me from all the hard work of dropping this feeding and dealing with babies who weren’t super excited about this change. My mom’s side of the family had a little birthday celebration at a park in Mt. Dora (45 minutes away!!!). So I nursed the babies after their morning nap (yes, you, too can have sleeping babies at 17mo =) and we hopped in the car. When we arrived we fed them their lunch – I am in love with the reusable snack bags from Bumkins! bagsOf course, all the family who had never met them were stealing them away from each other. Once the babies warmed up and got their silly on, they enjoyed flirting and sharing half-eaten apples and smooshed peas…mmm!

After they ate, we played. Yes, played. We had my sister and her boyfriend, my brother, my mom, my dad and of course David and me corralling and watching and taking pictures and pulling leaves out of their mouths…if only I could have this size entourage every day, we could do anything!!! We went on the swings and walked on the dock and chased them and blew bubbles and sat at baby picnic tables and had a really fun day. The babies did superb, as well. They do best missing a nap when they’re super distracted (ride home? not so much). And they were so distracted. Everybody wanted to hold them and play with them – I often found myself with no baby and just continually looking around and counting, “1, 2, 3.” :sigh: Soooooo fun. And the best part? We were flexible. When you’re fitting hour-long breastfeeding meals in throughout the day, you lose sososo much flexibility. Trust me. You just do. And when you eliminate one of those, the afternoon just opens up and becomes a world of possibilities…well, as much as possible with three 17 month olds. =) (For those of you wondering if I have weaned, I have not. I am now in love with our current breastfeeding plan of three times a day…each. I have no end date in mind and this is the type of plan I have been eagerly working towards – all those grueling months of worrying over weights and sitting for hours at a time has now turned into this leisurely time with each of my babies a few times throughout the day. It is a glorious payback. Glorious.)

Besides the constant questions and stares they get from people anytime we go out, I think the babies are most used to having pictures taken. It’s as normal as having a diaper change. =) So, of course, here are some that I snapped:

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Say “Cheese!”, part 2

I have been waiting for this day. I had a vision for the first year’s pictures of the babies and we worked really hard to get through the first year to tell a “story.” Right after the babies turned one I posted the first part of the results of a year’s worth of photography shoots. You can view them here: Say “Cheese!”. But what I didn’t tell you was that there were more. Oh, so much more! =)

Soon after the babies came home, I purchased some ballerina tutus from The HairBow Company (if you have girls you have to check them out – their prices are stellar!!!). I wanted to do a “grow with me” theme. So here are my favorites from each of their monthly shoots. (Photog credits are the same as those listed in the October post – Say “Cheese!”.) Click on each picture to zoom in so you can see the details.

And the final project looks like this:


Yay! I am sosososo excited! Thanks to my love for all his hard work editing each pic to fit in all these frames and for finagling the frame to hang the way I wanted it to hang. A looooong, hard year of flurries of costume changes, crying babies, sweating mama and dada, bug bites, squirming babies and getting peed on was all well worth it to see this final product. :happy, happy sigh:

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