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“The Least of These”

holding-handsJesus calls us to care for those in our community and the world abroad in whatever ways we can (Matthew 25:31-46). Some are called to go and do. Some are called to prayerfully or financially support those who go and do. Some are called to rescue. Some are called to heal. Some are called to preach the Gospel. And some are called to adopt. David and I feel we fall in this last category, especially. Before we had even met one another, we each had a burden to add to whatever family God gave us by adoption. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt called to rescue a little girl from China. (For months into my pregnancy with the trio I felt a stronger connection to our little girl who most likely wasn’t even born yet. Strange, isn’t it??) We have no idea how to make this happen as we are still swimming in toddlers, tantrums and diapers. =) But we trust the Lord will give us wisdom in how to move forward, and when! For now, we are being as faithful as we possibly can with finances…

For this family, though, the call to rescue children is enormous. The sacrifices they’ve made, the joy with which they do so – amazing! Check it out:

For those of you have already rescued through adoption, how did you raise money? What helped you to save? I’d love any suggestions or ideas! Thanks!!

I’m only one. But still, I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
– Edward Everett Hale

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The Great Shot Debate, part 2,r:18,s:0,i:204&iact=rc&dur=620&sig=107410980003096801319&page=2&tbnh=175&tbnw=260&start=16&ndsp=22&tx=87&ty=24I shouldn’t have been, but I was: I was surprised by the huge response to the first part of this series: The Great Shot Debate (if you haven’t read it, start there and take the quick poll, too!). I have received Facebook emails, text, comments and questions galore! Part of why I think this topic is so popular is because we all love our children so very, very much. And, with new information cropping up every day – both pro and anti vaccinations, I think all our ears are tuned in. Each of us wants to make sure we are doing the best thing(s) for our children and to feel confident in those decisions. Which is a good thing. What we shouldn’t be doing is blindly accepting anyone’s recommendations (doctors, mothers, friends, etc) without good research into what is being recommended. After all, our decisions today could very well affect our children tomorrow (or next year, or ten years down the road). It certainly isn’t unusual to do a lot of research into the school system (public, private, otherwise) before you move into a new home…how much more should we be researching what we are or are not putting into our children’s bodies.

I don’t judge parents who choose to vaccinate their children. I do not, however, understand vaccinations without research to be sure that each of them are necessary for your child(ren). I do find it curious, though, how frequently I am judged by parents (perhaps I’m misunderstanding?) for choosing not to vaccinate my children. The research my husband and I have done have led us to a different solution and that is all. (For an explanation of what we choose to do instead, click the link above for the original post.) What I would love is a bit of reciprocation for those of us who use alternative methods. 🙂

Recently, I came across an article I thought very helpful for both sides of this issue. The author listed several points from which we could all use a reminder every now and then, I think. Particularly helpful were points 4 and 5 that assure us that parents who do/don’t vaccinate don’t love their child(ren); and parents who do/don’t vaccinate are just “sheeple” and do not do real research! Kate, the author, briefly explains why it’s silly to argue that vaccines are a government conspiracy to harm and kill us all (point 6). And I think both sides will be interested in the final two points:

Point #8: Vaccines Have No Risks

This is one of the silliest things that is ever said. Of course vaccines have risks — anyone who is being honest will say that they do. Whether those risks are major or minor, and whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks is something else. It is entirely appropriate to say “I believe the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.” Okay — I understand that (I disagree, but I fully support someone coming to that conclusion). To say there are no risks is completely wrong. There are risks to anything! People need to be willing to admit that this entire discussion is about a risk-benefit analysis because there are risks to both sides. Downplaying that doesn’t help anyone.

Point #9: Not Vaccinating Makes Your Child Magically Healthier

While some early studies have shown that children who are not vaccinated have a lower risk of asthma, autism, etc. they have not proven a causal link. Children who are not vaccinated are also likely to have parents who take a healthy diet, supplements, and other aspects of health more seriously. While I believe vaccines play a role in these conditions, simply not vaccinating does not guarantee your child health. There are other steps you need to take to protect your child’s health.

Plus, some parents seem to think that their child will be so healthy from not being vaccinated that they won’t actually catch anything. This is dangerous. If your child isn’t vaccinated (and frankly, even if s/he is), s/he might get sick. S/he might get the measles, or the mumps, or pertussis. All of these have circulated in recent years. You need to learn what the typical symptoms of these diseases are, the signs of complications, when to call the doctor, how to treat at home in minor cases, and so on. You have to accept the risk that your child might get sick. Now — it’s unlikely if your child is not a newborn and not immunocompromised that the illness will be serious or permanently harm or kill your child. But s/he still might catch it. Know it, prepare for it.

To read the full article, click here.

I have been asked numerous times how I came to the conclusions I did. There were many contributing factors, websites, and conversations. In my research I learned that some vaccines contain ingredients that I cannot morally and ethically support (such as aborted fetal tissue). Some contain chemicals that are known toxins to the body. I am concerned by the leap in the number of recommended vaccines as compared with the number of vaccines recommended 20 years ago, in such a short and developmentally critical time.

As far as specific sources of information, many are surprised to know I went to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)! I read through the descriptions of the vaccines/diseases listed here. I wanted to know what the numbers said. So, for instance, polio. There were only 187 cases of polio worldwide last year. Some would argue, probably effectively, that it is due to the development and implementation of the polio vaccine. I and others would disagree. There’s a phenomenal documentary on Netflix (I don’t have Netflix right now so I don’t have the title – anyone want to share it? =) that depicts the reality of polio and how other measures besides the vaccine were just as effective in eradicating this disease. Chickenpox. Almost everyone got chickenpox before the introduction of the vaccine in 1995. Each year there were between 100-150 deaths. That sounds scary, but let’s break it down. Nearly everyone in the US got the chickenpox. Only 150 died each year. There are currently 315,317,389 people living in the US. Comparing the numbers, you can see the percentage of people who will die from chickenpox is staggeringly low. Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.6 million people worldwide will die from car accidents each year. My entire family is astronomically more likely to get killed in a car accident than to die from chickenpox!

Another concern I have is the ever-growing number of vaccines urged upon parents for their children. In 1983,,r:3,s:0,i:96&iact=rc&dur=548&sig=113778380035084661098&page=1&tbnh=192&tbnw=127&start=0&ndsp=9&tx=73&ty=52there were 10 vaccines and in 2010 there were over 36. Many of these vaccines are doled out for diseases which have been eradicated. Many are for diseases that are simply a “nuisance.”

And, of course, the argument that there are many health risks post-vaccinations. This argument is one that continues to be debated by both sides. And while I think there is much truth to the argument that the “new” diseases we have (such as the “a” diseases: asthma, autism, ADHD, etc), I am not going to delve into this aspect now.

David and I are both holding this issue loosely. We are not saying “absolutely none, never, ever.” We feel strongly that we will wait on all vaccines till they’re older, then revisit. I hope we can, prayerfully, come to the same conclusions. =) But there may be other factors that change or new ones come into play that might affect our decisions. Bottom line? Our trust is in the Lord. Not in vaccines, or doctors, or chiropractors, or real food, or breastmilk. Beyond our trust in the Lord, we are walking out this crazy thing called “parenthood” to the best of our ability. I’m certain you are, too!

I am often asked which resources have been helpful on this journey. Here are a few that I’ve gleaned from over the past year and a half:


Maximized Living

Dr. Sears

Dr. Mercola

I would love to hear from you – thoughts, questions, oppositions…feel free to share!


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.Life is Sacred.

unborn_babyToday is “Sanctity of Life” day. It’s actually pretty sad we have to designate a day out of the year to remind one another that life is sacred. Why isn’t that just a given? Why would that ever be something we forget? But sadly, we do. And we go so far as to not simply forget life is sacred, we blaze right into straight-up murder. And murder of the tiniest human beings. Those helpless, precious, still forming, hearts beating, fingerprints shaping, unborn babies.

Forty years ago, abortion became legal. It became legal to kill your unborn baby. If you are 40 or younger, you could have been legally aborted – your life snuffed out painfully and grotesquely. But since you’re reading this, you clearly were not. Your mother chose to give you life. Maybe take a moment today and thank her for this – for not giving in to pressures from culture, lies of the enemy, etc. She chose life. It’s something we take for granted but not every baby conceived these days is given this innate right. Since it became legal, abortion has taken the lives of 55,000,000 babies. About one-third of our country’s population has been killed off through abortion. It’s horrific.

Many are disturbed by the use of words like “murder” and “kill” in reference to what so many, including our newly sworn-in President, call a woman’s choice. I am glad it disturbs us. It should. Science has proven over and over again that life begins at conception. The lie that “it’s just a blob of cells” should hold no weight anymore…and yet, it does. It’s fed to countless women all day long, day after day in “clinics” as they are contemplating abortion or seeking justification for what they are about to do. The reality is, that “blob” is a life. If given the chance, that baby will be born and learn to laugh, walk, talk, read and write. That baby could be your child or your child’s friend. It could be your child’s future spouse or the next President of our country. But we will never know. That baby was just sucked from his mother’s womb, right after his little arms and legs were ripped off. That baby and another were just killed. In the next minute, two more babies in our country will be killed. Two babies are killed every minute of every hour of every day of every month…all year long. This adds up to the sickening 1.21 million sweet babies who were killed through abortions in 2008 (

Way too many babies are being killed through what is deceptively called “selective reductions.” Many multiples pregnancies are reduced down to the more “manageable” number of children determined by both parents and doctor. I’ve shared what this is here: Too Much To Carry?

Do you live in Florida? Florida is the state with the second highest number of abortions annually – 81,918 in 2009 ( No matter where you live, if this makes you sick, what are you going to do about it? Will you visit a local clinic to pray for the moms? Will you donate money to help end abortion ( Will you rally your local church to get involved with a crisis pregnancy center? Will you post pleas on Facebook? Your blog? The only action that grieves the Lord is in-action. Let’s move, church! Let’s not let the numbers grow any higher without our efforts to stop them.


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“Too Much To Carry?”

Recently my mother shared an article on my facebook page with this title, by the Washington Post online. I would encourage you to read it. All the way through. Every word. You may not be able to see through your tears. Your stomach may churn. But it’s a must read. Because this happens every day across our country. Parents kill off one or two (or MORE!) children in their womb. Why? Why would a parent play God like this and make decisions only He should make? Because one or more might have a handicap. Or one might be “behind” in growth. Or they might want one sex over another. Or one might simply make one too many babies for whom the parents can “easily” care. It’s that disgusting. They pick off babies like one would slap a pesky mosquito. They choose which to kill as if they were selecting colors for the nursery.

If we had been a couple who chose this murderous route, our sweet Emma would have been the one to be killed. For many reasons: she was the furthest back in my womb, she was the smallest baby (measuring “behind” by a day or so – yet still a valid reason in the Murderer’s mind), and she was a second girl. Emma is now our biggest baby and totally healthy. And I carried the trio till 32 weeks and 4 days. They were all three very healthy babies – just requiring time in the NICU to grow and learn to eat. And this is common for triplet pregnancies. I’m not fooled. Parents “selectively reduce” for ease. God, help us. And, please, come quickly.

Too Much To Carry?

For those of you reading this who have already chosen this path, I am so sorry for the guilt and grief you must bear over what you have done and the missing life of your child. This is something for which you can and must go to the Lord and repent. You can be rescued from the guilt of your past sins and the punishment that awaits all who do not come to Christ. As a fellow sinner, I have been saved by the grace of God, forgiven of all my sins. The broken relationship (caused by my sins) between Him (my Heavenly Father) and me has been restored by the work that His Son, Jesus Christ, did on the Cross. He is waiting and willing…please come?

If you have questions, are considering this route, or just want to talk to someone who has multiples and to find out what you can expect, please contact me.

Our three babies – the day we found out the Lord had given us triplets. I was by myself, since David was on a business trip, and was terrified. Now, I look at beautiful babies and marvel at His kindness.


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