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Another First – Staying with Papa and Yaya

David and I haven’t been away from the babies in 539 days…or since they were born. (We did take a very short overnight, two weeks after they were born and still in the NICU for a quick breather. But I was hooked up to my friend, the Pump, every two hours so you can imagine how crazy that was!) I haven’t been away from them for more than four hours. Ever. I have been entangled by three babies 24/7 for 18 months solid. Because of our breastfeeding schedule (which I l.o.v.e.), nobody has taken one or two and left me with “the baby.” I’ve eaten, slept, dreamed and breathed baby x 3 for the past year and a half. And I have loved it. Of course there are times I’ve been touched out (every day!) and times I thought I would go crazy (or am I already?!). But for the most part, I have loved every minute of it. I had no idea I would love it this much. But everyone needs a break every now and then. The stress of having three babies with massive wants and needs is exhausting. Keeping up with them, breastfeeding them, changing 18 diapers a day, putting three babies in and out of cribs and high chairs and car seats and strollers is a serious workout every day (I might suggest it to Bob and Jill on The Biggest Loser!).

And the work never stops when they sleep. I joke that I traded in my full-time job at the office for a full-time and part-time job at home…which any mother can probably attest to. But somewhere in there fits my husband. My amazing husband. My husband who has given up all hobbies. My husband who sadly watches the weeds take over our yard and joyfully changes another diaper instead. My husband who empties the dishwasher so I can throw another massive load of laundry in. My husband who has been every bit as important in this breastfeeding journey as the babies themselves. My husband who tirelessly serves because I cannot do this alone. My husband who prays on his drive home that the Lord will help him serve his family. This man. I love him. So it was time to work out some time away for our anniversary. Yes, yes. This fabulous event was February 5. (Three years and three babies. I promise they’re all legit.) But part of the challenge was how to get away since we are still breastfeeding. I’ve had many suggest to me that I would be fine for an overnight. And I probably would. But then, my body is producing milk for three babies, not just one, so the ramifications of this might be very un-pretty and potentially final for our babies’ love of milk. (To give you an idea, collectively they drink less than 18 ounces from a sippy cup a day. A toddler supposedly drinks about 32 oz a day. This means that skipping just one breastfeeding could have backed me up with a good 24 oz, caused mastitis, tanked my supply, etc. A little different than skipping a feeding with one baby. =) So after I worked out the logistics of how to make it happen, we scheduled it for a weekend in early March.

But it was not to be. My mom got sick, the babies got sick (with their first ear infections – which I got rid of naturally!!!) and then my mom pulled a muscle which means no holding babies. After a week of non-stop fussing and crying and whining and clinging from three sick babies, you better believe I was ready for that weekend!!

So we reschedule for the next weekend! Only….my mom got called in for jury duty. No biggie, who really gets picked for jury duty??? My mom. And of course it wasn’t a simple traffic violation. Oh no, it was a murder trial. A week long murder trial. (If any of the family for the defendant is reading this, her vote didn’t even count. She ended up being an alternate. Boo.)

Let’s try for the next weekend, shall we? We shall. Leading up to the first “try” I was counting down the days on Growing Up Triplets’ Facebook page (have you “liked” us yet??). At this point, I wasn’t allowing myself to believe it might actually happen. But it did happen! I was so excited to finally get away and take a nap spend time with my hubby!

The plan was for me to nurse the babies after their morning nap and head out. Of course getting away by yourselves still takes massive efforts when babies are around, even when said babies aren’t going! So it was after 1pm by the time we left. We headed down to the Grand Bohemian (David had racked up some serious rewards points so we cashed in). We checked in and took a nap. No lie. And it’s also no lie that I heard Noah crying during that time. All the way in our downtown hotel. He’s that loud. (Not really.) We woke up (sadly) and headed to the mall (aw, thanks, Love!) and did some window-shopping (who are we kidding, we have kids – not money!). And then headed home. Wait…what?!?! Yup. We were staying close by so that we could go home and I could nurse the babies before bedtime. I wasn’t up for dealing with skipping breastfeeding for 24 hours but I was up for skipping one feeding – in the morning. I was also concerned with how they would do without that calming time with mama before bed. If one gets set off, more than likely both of the others would join in. Ever heard three screaming babies? It’s a massive undertaking for David and I to get them settled down if they decide they want to do this (three babies, two parents) and can take a really long time (and I can nurse them!). We can get two settled down but the third is still out of control. Lay the two back down and rush to get the third and…nope. The other two start up again. (Are you seeing my hesitation in leaving them yet?)

I nursed and was out of there in 45 minutes. (Mama ain’t messin’ around!) We headed to dinner which was super yummy!! (I’m not sure which I was more excited about: 24 hours of meals I didn’t cook, a nap and sleeping in, or all that time to myself with David – not shared with a little booger…or 3.) We took dessert back to the room and watched all the shows we don’t get at home since we don’t have cable (how boring are we?!).

The next morning we slept in. We.Slept.In. I never knew that 8am was considered sleeping in, but it is!!! And it was wonderful. We got breakfast and watched more tv and checked out. I was so refreshed and relaxed and that was exactly what I was hoping for! Because when we got home, it was chaos, of course.

I remember when I was single and my bestie, Kristen, and I would go away for a study retreat or something. Upon our return, I would watch her three blondies come running with excited shouts of “mommy!” And I thought how sweet. I want that. And then moments later, reality set in as life inevitably swept her back into her role as fight-breaker-upper, bottom-wiper, meal-maker, and spill-cleaner. (Kristen, my respect for you was massively greater in those moments – did I ever tell you that???) So I was preparing my heart. Praying and asking the Lord to help me to love the little munchies who were “intruding” upon my 22 hours of R&R. And He did. I happily left them with my parents and didn’t miss them hardly at all…but was eager for them when we returned. I love it! And wow, what great reports we got! There’s benefits to needing two people to care for them as this means they got nearly one-on-one attention the whole time! Mom and Dad, thank you! We are so grateful! And David, it wasn’t Mexico but it was wonderful. I love you more every day.

And, just for fun, please enjoy the debut music video of the Sweet Pea Band:

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Our New Wheels

Our New Wheels #wagon, #radioflyer, #triplets

I clearly didn’t attach the shade correctly. But the babies are still adorable, right?

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! Our new Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon arrived the other day and I could hardly wait to get the babies in it! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read about my stroller addiction here.) And it really is fantastic! I love that the babies are engaged with what we’re doing now. In the strollers they tend to sit back and zone out (which is not always a bad thing =). But in this they sit up, look around, laugh, play, hit and fight (of course!) and point and chatter.

I also love that we fit on the sidewalk now! I never would have imagined that’d be a plus for kids’ wheels but it is! I don’t have to watch for traffic; though when crossing the street they are now behind me rather than in front…which took a while to get used to. =)

It has tons of cup holders on the inside (and outside for me and David), seatbelts for three, and a massive supported bag that stows away when not in use. I also love that when I let go of the handle it doesn’t slam to the ground. I remember that annoying aspect from my little brothers’ wagon years ago…

Now, I just have to get used to pulling instead of pushing the 75-ish + pounds of weight. …Anyone want tickets to the gun show? I don’t know how my MoM friends in the hills do it! Move to Florida, y’all! =)

So my overall assessment? I love it! Do you have one yet?? What’s your kiddos’ favorite ride?


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How Many Times…How Many Tears?

grief2I started this post more than six months ago and just never felt it was the right time to share.Today, it is…

This song came on the radio the other night as I was driving alone (yes, alone!). As it began to play, especially through the chorus, I could hardly continue driving. It struck a chord so deep within me. I have experienced very few tragedies in my lifetime, for which I am VERY grateful. But there have been moments where the breath has been knocked out of me. And I’ve gone through seasons where I feel like every time I try to surface for air, I’m pushed back under. Moments of utter sadness and alone-ness. The deep aching and gnawing of pain in my heart that seems to extend to every fiber of my body.

The source hasn’t always been the same. Sometimes my agony is from the consequences of my own sin. Sometimes it’s been hurt and grief for another. Sometimes it’s just that life is plain HARD. And, more often than not, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail to trust Him. Many times I’ve felt like Jacob wrestling with God (Genesis 32). I’ve longed to be free from the fear, confusion and anxiety. Most recently, I’ve emerged from a very self-focused and limited view of my life and His plan for me. In the midst of it, I wondered where He was – why I couldn’t “see” His hand moving. I’ve thrown temper tantrums (oh yes, it’s true – complete with throwing things). I’ve sobbed in the shower, hoping the water would wash more than the tears from me. I’ve begged God for something to materialize in front of my eyes, to help me make sense of the seemingly senseless.

For all my friends who are walking through a place of suffering and shadows, He hears you. He is near.

Oh, God, thank You for being near us. Thank You for walking with us. Thank You for a Hope that our suffering will one day end and we will see the meaning in all of this.

(How Many Times from Plumb’s latest album, NEED YOU NOW)


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“The Least of These”

holding-handsJesus calls us to care for those in our community and the world abroad in whatever ways we can (Matthew 25:31-46). Some are called to go and do. Some are called to prayerfully or financially support those who go and do. Some are called to rescue. Some are called to heal. Some are called to preach the Gospel. And some are called to adopt. David and I feel we fall in this last category, especially. Before we had even met one another, we each had a burden to add to whatever family God gave us by adoption. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt called to rescue a little girl from China. (For months into my pregnancy with the trio I felt a stronger connection to our little girl who most likely wasn’t even born yet. Strange, isn’t it??) We have no idea how to make this happen as we are still swimming in toddlers, tantrums and diapers. =) But we trust the Lord will give us wisdom in how to move forward, and when! For now, we are being as faithful as we possibly can with finances…

For this family, though, the call to rescue children is enormous. The sacrifices they’ve made, the joy with which they do so – amazing! Check it out:

For those of you have already rescued through adoption, how did you raise money? What helped you to save? I’d love any suggestions or ideas! Thanks!!

I’m only one. But still, I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
– Edward Everett Hale

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Harlem Shake…Exodus Style

This made me laugh so hard. I love that they can have fun like this.

Yes, that was my husband. And yes, this means I am Cat Woman. For those of you who thought so, you were right. I was waiting till now to tell you. Ha!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Car Seat Dilemma


We LOVE our Radians! We got an amazing deal on brand new ones – $100 apiece!

As always, the recommendations for car-seat safety continue to change. (How many of us rode on baskets on the floor of the car as babies because there were no laws or recommendations? =) The current law is that car-seats must be rear-facing till one year and 20 lbs. Once the child has reached both of these, they can forward-face. Sooooooooo nice. Do you know how much easier it would be to deal with three babies in a row if they were forward-facing??? But. The recommendation now is to rear-face till two years! That seems such a long way off. And then, to go even further, most of Europe recommends rear-facing till four years or even longer! Say whaaaaaaaa? The whole reason I bought our van was because of the built-in DVD system…ok, not really. Sort of. But till they forward-face they can’t even use it!

In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation was that babies be kept rear-facing until two years old or until they’ve passed the height or weight limit for their car seat. Studies have been done showing that children under the age of two years old are 75 percent less likely to die or to be severely injured in a crash if they are rear-facing. Another study found riding rear-facing to be five times safer than forward-facing. (source) This video shows how rear-facing can help protect a child in a crash. Take a look…

So what did you do? Or what do you plan to do? Or what are you doing? Please give your reasoning or research to help a poor mama out! =)


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The Odd One Out

Bald...but cute!

Bald…but cute!

Or should I say odd ones out? Yes, it’s true. My babies, at 16 months old, are bald as cueballs. Well, Emma has quite a bit of hair, Noah has a wispy mullet and Makenna has a faux-hawk. But, really? They’re bald. I had waywayway more hair by this age and I just assumed they’d be driving me crazy with hair in their eyes and running their fingers through it at dinner time. Nope. Not an issue. In fact, a quick wipe with a washcloth cleans their hair right up! I’ve been coaxing the girls to grow hair by showing them all their pretty bows, promising to learn how to do some fun braids…to no avail. :sigh: Maybe one day soon. In the meantime, maybe I’ll try this product to help them:

Orrrrrrrr not. =)

If you haven’t seen The Great Shot Debate from earlier this week, be sure to check it (and the comments section!) out! I’ll be following up next week…See ya Monday! Have a great weekend!


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